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Danielle is a practicing Registered Massage Therapist, working with a wide range of clientele since 2006. The cases she's encountered from musculoskeletal problems to dietary-related concerns further sparked her interest in alternative health, which led to a diploma in Holistic Nutrition in 2008. Growing up on the ever-so-popular Mediterranean diet in a family of grocers has greatly enhanced her passion for food.
With a keen interest in wellness and holistic health, she is determined to prove to skeptics that food can be healthy without compromising flavor and satisfaction. This led her to the west coast where she attended Bauman College in San Francisco and became certified as a Natural Chef. With her triad complete she is entering the grocery business with Choose Wellness, which places emphasis on healthy living and informed choices.
With a few projects on the go she hopes to help educate and enlighten the general public on the benefits of making choices for overall wellbeing. As a part time R.M.T. she will continue to provide therapy from the outside/in with an emphasis on preventative care through healthy living.