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What is Choose Wellness?
Choose Wellness is a unique in-store program designed to assist our community in taking a more informed and balanced approach to their daily eating, nutrition and wellness choices. With todays fast paced lifestyles the focus is on time and convenience. The current shift in awareness surrounding health and nutrition has us also trying to focus on quality of life and improving our general wellbeing. There are tons of products that exist today boasting health claims left, right and center. It can be a challenge distinguishing between what's 'trendy' vs. 'healthy' while feeling confident you are truly making the most informed choice.
The Choose Wellness program highlights in-store products by way of 'Food For Thought' informative signs that are designed to help educate YOU - the health conscious consumer. Choose Wellness foods are as close to whole foods as possible and cater to both the conventional and non-conventional shopper.
How will you benefit? The Choose Wellness Program:
  • Helps make your shopping experience more economical and efficient.
  • Recommends healthy products based on scientifically proven research over new 'trendy' products that only claim to have 'health benefits'
  • Provides delicious and time efficient cooking and preparation suggestions.
  • Highlights in season and local products whenever possible.
Look for our wellness pointers in-store today and remember that balanced eating is the normal and sustainable way to encourage healthy living while enjoying one of life's greatest pleasures: Food!
For more information please contact Danielle at kneadforwellness@gmail.com.