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  • Our fresh meat is cut and packaged at our stores by our own trained butchers - so you know it's fresh, not processed.
  • Need a larger roast, a smaller package of pork chops or a thicker steak? No problem! Our butchers are at your service.
  • Our meats are cut from the highest grade of beef 'AAA' as well as Certified Canadian Angus and aged a minimum of 21 days. This means our customers can enjoy a well-marbled, well-aged and tender piece of beef.
  • We also carry CERTIFIED USDA Angus steaks - unparalleled quality.
  • Try our own marinated lamb or chicken kebabs, homemade beef or turkey burgers.
  • Flat whole marinated chickens or breasts, stuffed pork tenderloins are available to taken home and cooked with little or no preparation.