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  • The best thing since sliced bread! Throughout the day, we bake hot, fresh bread based on traditional European artisan methods.
  • Gryfe bagels are baked fresh at both stores, with Silverstein bagels arriving fresh every day.
  • Also delivered daily from Ace Bakery, white and whole wheat baguettes, olive fougasse and focaccia aux canneberges, to name a few. Don't forget to try the fresh baked baguettes from Boulart.
  • Need dessert? Have a craving? Our bakery counters are filled with cakes and tarts from L'Rocca, Dufflet, Carol's, Cadbury, and cakes by Robert's.
  • We also make to-order Character Birthday cakes and a large variety of fresh fruit topped cheesecakes, cakes and tarts that are made fresh daily.
  • Tickle Your Tummy cupcakes and cookies will appeal to those looking for nut free sweets.
  • Stonemill breads with ingredients you can pronounce, 100 % natural, using their family's 100 year age old unhurried baking method. Delivered fresh three times a week with some types baked fresh daily in our stores.
  • Also we have a nice selection of gluten free products from Udi's and Gaga's.